Go Whale Watching

Hervey Bay


Hervey Bay is the Whale Watching capital of the world. Tours in this area are guaranteed a sighting, and not from a distance. There is something about the waters off of this small town that draws in the Humpbacks longer than other areas and the boats can get very close – like spayed by the blowhole close. Some visitors take the opportunity to rent a kayak and paddle out toward the herds. This is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity, but one that isn’t without risk. Locals suggest not getting too close to the whales for both your safety and the animal’s comfort.

An international NGO and world ecotourism leader, Pacific Whale Foundation has been working to save the whales since 1980. All profits from Hervey Bay cruises support Pacific Whale Foundation’s whale research in Australia.

All whale-watch tours are led by certified marine naturalists who will provide their customers with interpretation of the humpback whale behaviours you will experience on your tour.