Lancelot Hill Antiques



Purveyors of Old Wares. The original antique store in the Southern Highlands. Bowral NSW

Walking into this shop, a person might be forgiven for thinking that they had walked into the set of Sir Lawrence Olivier’s 1972 film Sleuth.  In fact, calling is a ‘shop’ hugely undersells its essence.  Browsing here is more like walking through a gallery full of offbeat, very quirky art installations.  It is a delight for both antique hunter-gatherers and anyone who appreciates amazingly creative ingenuity.

In a main street that is increasingly becoming bland, aluminium and glass and corralled by uninspiring national retail chains, the ivy-swathed frontage of Lancelot Hill Antiques ( Tip Toe & son) , and its contents, stands out with authenticity, originality and substance.  There is no building more photographed by tourists in all of Bowral.  The proprietor, Lancelot Hill, lived in the building all of his life and been the curator of his collection since 1962.