Explore Fraser Island

Fraser Island


Known as the world’s largest sand island, this strip of land right off the coast of Hervey Bay offers panoramic views, camping, and swimming across 120-kilometers. Despite being a sand island, most of the land is covered in dense rainforest. The best way to get around and to get a picture of the whole island is to rent a 4WD vehicle or, better yet, hire a tour guide who will do the driving for you while showing you the best attractions like the Lake McKenzie swimming area and Indian Head.

Fraser Island tours offer a few day tours from Harvey Bay.

This is what you’ll see when you take their full day tour.

Central Station – this former logging station that housed schools and shops for the bustling timber industry is now a tourist stop. Stroll along the Wanggoolba Creek boardwalk to discover the ancient King Ferns, towering Ghost Gums and Pine trees.

Lake McKenzie – enjoy a revitalising swim in the crystal blue waters and relax on the sandy white beaches… it’s picture perfect!

Seventy-Five Mile Beach – as you drive along this sandy highway, you may spot birds of prey flying above or humpback whales as they migrate past (between July – November).

Eli Creek – float down this fast-flowing freshwater creek pouring out 80 megalitres of water daily into the ocean.

Maheno Shipwreck – enjoy a photo stop at the rusting wreck of the Maheno washed ashore during an out-of-season cyclone in 1935 – it’s one of Fraser Island’s most recognisable sites.

The Pinnacles Coloured Sands – learn how these technicolour sand formations were created and the Butchulla legends surrounding them. We stop to take a picture as we drive along Seventy-Five Mile Beach.